In the beginning….

Welcome!  I am very excited to see this Digital Archaeology focus and website and look forward to reading posts and learning to understand how the digital age is influencing archaeological methods and practice.  First, I want to thank the group that had the vision to begin this initiative in Digital Archaeology and their foresight to include related fields.

This blog site is dedicated to digital topics that pertain to Archaeological Conservation.   I have been an Archaeological Conservator for 25 years, the last 15 in part-time private practice.  I am also a public school educator, having taught middle school art and currently working full time as a high school Special Education Teacher.  I am currently taking distance learning graduate classes through the University of Maine’s Digital Curation program ( to better understand tools, practices and strategies that address the challenges of working with cultural material in the digital age.

Without telling you my age, I will say I am an older student and this is my first blog.  Like anything in life or in the laboratory things will go right and things will go wrong. Yesterday, I could not get this page to allow me to edit it, so my very first post was actually done in a comment to myself!  Today, a different path appears and this blog is born.   Let’s not shy away from trying new things and release ourselves from the expectation of ‘getting it right’ the first time.  In education, there is a term for this constant movement into the zone of learning:

“Zone of  Proximal Development

The zone of proximal development, often abbreviated as ZPD, is the difference between what a learner can do without help and what he or she can do with help. It is a concept introduced, yet not fully developed, by Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896–1934) during the last ten years of his life.”


I look forward to learning how to use digital tools and digital curation strategies to improve upon my Archaeological Conservation practice and to sharing this exciting evolution with others that have similar interests.