Tweaking the DAC Registration Process

Since we launched the Digital Archaeology Commons back in January, we’ve been pleased to see the community grow and thrive.  However, as with all things on the open web, we’ve also attracted a considerable amount of signup spam.  In an effort to reduce this spam, we’ve decided to tweak the registration process slightly. First, we’ve opened registration completely – new accounts no longer require approval by an admin.  Second, we’ve limited automatic registration to emails from .edu, .org, and .gov domains.  Don’t have an email from one of these domains or prefer to use a personal .com email to create your account?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  All you need to do it send an email to the DAC admin at with your full name and info on your institutional affiliation (if you have one).  Once we receive this email, a human type person will review the request (just to make sure its above board) and hook you up with a DAC account.

Once your account has been created, you’ll be free to create groups, join existing groups, participative in group conversations, and create DAC sites.

Photo “Registration” by Flickr user Official GDC. Used under Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Launching the Digital Archaeology Commons

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of the Digital Archaeology Commons (DAC). Growing out of the NEH funded Institute for Digital Archaeology Method and Practice (pictured above) organized by Michigan State University’s Department of Anthropology and MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, the DAC is designed to support work and community building around digital methods and practice in archaeology and closely related fields.  We also hope that the DAC will encourage the permeability of the boundaries between digital work in the various streams of archaeological practice (anthropological archaeology, humanist archaeology, etc).  We also hope that the DAC will encourage discussion around digital archaeology topics between archaeologists and closely related fields (museum studies, art history, history, etc). Joining is easy – just click on the Account Signup button in the main page.

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