Digital Labor and Archaeology’s Docs Digital Labor resources and links

This is a document designed to collect links to documents or resources surrounding digital labor. Those of us drafting documents about digital labor as it relates to our own projects can use it.

Please add and/or comment! Over time, maybe we’ll create some sort of Zotero library?

Student Collaborators’ Bill of Rights, UCLA Digital Humanities

Pay Your F-ing Interns” slideshow and notes by Elissa Frankle (@museums365)

Digital Library Foundation (DLF) no longer posts or publicizes positions for unpaid interns.

Series of articles and investigations on internships, ProPublica

Tweets on the topic of internship labor issues via @sarahkendzior [link here]

Resources for the Museum Industry to Discuss the Issue of Unpaid Internships, via American Alliance of Museums (AAM)

Spencer D. C. Keralis, “Milking the Deficit Internship,” in Disrupting the Digital Humanities

The Digital Labor Working Group on the CUNY Academic Commons has an extensive set of bibliographies and other resources.