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Digital Public Archaeology

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Theorizing, strategizing, and employing public archaeology in the digital world.

Opening my project up to DPA folks for comment!

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    Kate Ellenberger

    My project is a digital public archaeology website that will be the capstone for a multi-decade, multivocal local heritage initiative. My blog posts on this topic: &

    (Sorry for those following the private forum thread! This is a rehash of content from some posts I made on there to start a discussion in a publicly accessible place.)

    I am testing out some pinterest clones in my wordpress installation at reclaim hosting. Now I am trying to install iPin Pro at

    To implement my plan I may to make a ‘multi site’ to make this work because each subdomain will need a different theme or else I can’t install/modify these pinterest clones only on one otherwise… I think…


    Key bits from my most recent blog post:

    “We came up with an initial idea a few months ago which has three sections (if you are thinking from a technological standpoint):

    • A front page which introduces the visitor to the purpose and functioning of the website; graphic, accessible, modern

    • A pinboard-style narrative-building section using artifact photographs as entry points; bits of historical, archaeological, local oral history, indigenous oral tradition, and other narratives attached to each photograph will be selectable by the visitor, who will construct a personal narrative (pinboard, of sorts) of the compelling bits (pins) they take away from their navigation of the information

    • A hub for recognizing and hosting (or linking, depending on author preference and copyright restrictions) the research products throughout the history of this project”


    I have heard everything from build a wiki to make a github page but it is key that non-techie folk who I leave this to can do basic updates without me so I am a bit hesitant on some of them.

    Am I nutso for doing this in WordPress?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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