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Arc Story Map

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    Ashley Peles

    Because one project just isn’t enough…does anyone have experience (good, bad, ugly) with Arc Story Maps? I know there are other probably more elegant, and certainly more open source, methods for displaying multimedia with spatial map data, but we thought Story Maps might provide a much quicker, out of the box visualization. For reference, we’ve got a PDF map of a cemetery located in the center of UNC’s campus and we’re planning on appending previously collected information to the map (photos, grave markings, perhaps historical information) just as an example of what can be done.


    Ethan Watrall

    well, you know I’m not a fan of proprietary, closed software…so I won’t even go into that.

    I did have one of my Cultural Heritage Informatics Grad Fellows use ARC Story Map last year for a project.  He found it easy to use, but ultimately a little restrictive because the platform is closed (no code to hack or edit, etc).

    A couple of other options that are designed to create similar sorts of experiences:

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    Ashley Peles

    Oh, I had not heard of either of those…Storymap.js looks like it might be a great option. Especially if the code can be messed with…we have some 3d photogrammetry models of some of the gravestones, but with Arc Story Map there’s no way to embed them. Perhaps we can figured that out with the js option. Thanks!


    Stacey Camp

    Ethan – Thanks for sharing those open source storymap creators. I am trying to do this with my grad students next month, so I will try them both out!


    Ethan Watrall

    I’ve had lots and lots of students use storymap.js.  I’ve never used (or had a student use) Odyssey.  So, if anyone uses it, please post the result…because I’m very curious about the product.


    Kate Ellenberger

    My advisor and a historical archaeologist from the CRM company attached to our university started one, neither of them is a certified-level GIS professional so I am not sure to what extent they could talk about it.

    My advisor’s project is an oral history project from a low income neighborhood here in Binghamton and is co-directed with a professor from the Public Administration department.

    Happy to ask questions of them if you want! She is not into online forums or social media so is unlikely to come on here herself.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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