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Putting Mapbox maps in my version of Ieldran

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    Maria Bruno

    Hey gang,

    I posted this in the general MSUDAI forum under my project for my mentors to see, but thought this group might also be of help here. Any suggestions welcome!

    Today a ventured to put some very basic maps that I “created” using the new Mapbox Studio. The new version of Mapbox appears to have lots of tools to customize your maps, which I hope to take advantage of eventually. For now, I just used some of their basic styles to get three different views of the peninsula that I’d like to display. I saved and “published” them and got the apis.

    I then went into the section of the code in my version of “Commented_ieldran” where Katy had indicated the basemaps belong. I simply replaced the links she had included to her Mapquest maps with my Mapbox apis. I also renamed the maps and used find/replace in my text editor to make sure the name appeared in all the necessary places.

    Sadly, I see no maps. Here’s are gone (except for some roads on the third view) but mine aren’t appearing. I’m guessing it has something do with the fact that her links weren’t apis and mine are? Also there is one line in the code for each map (below), which I did not touch. This might also have something to do with my problem.

    subdomains: [“otile1”, “otile2”, “otile3”, “otile4”]

    If Brian or anyone wants to go into the my GitHub ‘paisajes‘ to check it out and lend me a hand, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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