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CSS/HTML columns from shorcode objects in WordPress

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    Jolene Smith

    Hi all,

    I’m making great progress with my site! The KORA Connect WordPress plugin is working great and now I’m trying to wrangle the output into submission with CSS and am running into trouble. Here’s the overview:

    The WordPress shortcode pulls in PHP elements. If I add a WordPress gallery with no CSS edits, all items show up, but they’re too big and in a big line down the screen. I’d like to make them grid up neatly without doing it by hand (and to pay it forward to others using the plugin in the future).

    I made some progress by defining a class and using CSS to turn it into three columns. While this is a victory for a web design newbie like myself, I really want the individual objects to align. Can I edit the shortcode or the CSS to define the objects?

    The page I’m grinding into a pulp is

    Here’s my very simple CSS edit:

    .korawrapcontent {

    column-count: 3;
    column-gap: 10px;

    Here’s what the shortcode looks like:

    [KORAGALLERY KG_TYPE= ‘infscroll’ KG_IMAGECONTROL= ‘Image’ KG_AUDIOCONTROL= ‘default’ KG_VIDEOCONTROL= ‘default’ KG_TITLECONTROL= ‘Title’ KG_DESCCONTROL= ‘Description’ KGIS_PAGESIZE=’5′ SID = ‘850’ QUERY= ‘(kid,eq,97-352-0),or,(kid,eq,97-352-1),or,(kid,eq,97-352-2),or,(kid,eq,97-352-3),or,(kid,eq,97-352-4),or,(kid,eq,97-352-5),or,(kid,eq,97-352-6),or,(kid,eq,97-352-7),or,(kid,eq,97-352-8),or,(kid,eq,97-352-9)’] [/KORAGALLERY]


    Ethan Watrall

    why don’t you insert a Gallery of KORA objects instead of single objects?


    Jolene Smith

    That is the gallery shortcode, actually. So what you see right now is gallery behavior. My other option will be to make a grid and put in the individual objects so I can control them a little better (but that would take longer). Regardless, I can make it work somehow. Thanks, Ethan!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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