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Discussion group for the members and faculty of the NEH Funded Institute for Digital Archaeology Method & Practice ( organized by Michigan State University’s Department of Anthropology and MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

General Schedule and Project Planning

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    Jolene Smith

    Hi all,

    I’m balancing my Institute project with all the other stuff happening and I’m taking a moment to do some big picture scheduling. I’ve got some questions.

    • What should be are target date for public launch of our Institute projects? I feel like this is obvious and I should know, but “next August” has been such an abstract concept until it started sneaking up…
    • What should we expect to cover when we meet in person n August? Will this be time to fine-tune and troubleshoot together? Should we be all done?

    Getting this nailed down will go a long way toward helping me structure my time (and stay motivated). I’m going to start including my schedule and list of accomplished steps in my institute blog posts for a bit of positive accountability pressure, as well. THANKS!


    Kate Ellenberger

    I second this question. I think I will write an agenda with each blog post’s proposed topic to try to keep me on track with progress. It is taking second place to my dissertation (rightly) but should be able to enhance my dissertation momentum since it is part of the project. Every time I run into a speed bump I usually abandon for a couple weeks which is not great.

    Looking forward to an ‘official’ answer to your questions – and would love to gather some sort of accountability thing.


    Tabitha Hillard


    As I recall, our launch date will be the week of our return. I am making my launch date tentatively the last day of the program. As I understand it, regardless of where we are with our projects, we are still “launching.” The goal is to be done by that date but we may add onto our projects at the conclusion of our time with the program, I believe this is something we will need to work out with our project partners. I plant to have my project “finished” but I recognize that I may have some final details to deal with that I may not get to until after our last week- meaning I may have questions or some remaining loose ends that need tending to. My goal is to get my project as complete as possible before the due date so that anything I need to do at MSU will be fine tuning.

    Kate, I do the same thing. I encounter a problem, get mad and put it away for a while lol. Not the best strategy. I’m planning to really pick things up though between now and our launch date. Conferences are over and my field season in the office is due to pick up soon. I’ve worked out a schedule with my company where I can at least leave early a few hours a week, once a week, to devote to this project. Granted, this means my other 4 days in the week will need to be 9 hour days… That makes me sad… but if that’s what I need to do, that’s what I need to do.

    I think we are supposed to keep track of our own accountability… which is what makes this challenging. Like, the amount of time and effort we are able to invest in our projects will be reflected in the final product. That sort of thing. That said, I have consistently missed the last three blog post deadlines because I’ve had other things come up with work or I anticipate my partners will need more time to review things. I think to avoid this, I’m going to need to write my blog post in advance this time… way in advance. Each of my posts will sort of be a back-dated entry then (if that makes sense). If I write up two posts this month, then the one I use for April will not necessarily reflect what I did in those two weeks before the April deadline…. but the readers won’t know that… (now they will, because I posted it here… ha!)

    It’s a struggle to get ahead of the ball. Yeesh! We’ll get there though. 🙂


    Jolene Smith

    Thanks to you both! This is all helpful. I’m there with you on the blog posts, as well as the general time management.

    [I’m having a hard time working out a good way to stay on top of notifications in the Commons. Emails are now out of spam, but I think I’m going to have to work on some more detailed filters to make sure I see replies to my own posts promptly. Commons is awesome, but I will admit that I do love Slack for granular notification management.]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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