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Local WP and KORA install questions

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    Jolene Smith

    Hi all,

    While I await a MATRIX domain for my project, I have been trying to set up a local environment for WordPress and KORA on my personal machine, but I’m flailing a little bit.

    On the recommendation of my friend Eli who does a lot with WordPress, I just installed VVV as a development environment. It looks cool. WP starter sites are working great. BUT can I install KORA in this same environment?

    I’ve currently placed the KORA files in the vagrant-local directory. That seems right. But now I can’t figure out what to do to run the databaseInstall.php file as per the KORA instructions. The documentation for VVV is at the link above.

    Can anyone kindly throw me a line? Thank you!!!



    Anthony D’Onofrio

    You can install Kora on the same DB as long as the table names do not conflict. There is no prefix option built into Kora 2 for DB installs unfortunately, but if your other applications and tables have prefixes it shouldn’t be a problem.

    As far as install help you need to do a couple things:

    • Two folders need to be writable by the webserver (i.e. permission set 775) in the Kora directory. These are the “includes” folder and the “files” folder.
    • If you already tried an install and it failed, you will need to do two things before attempting again:
      • Delete any Kora tables that were created in the DB.
      • Delete the file, ‘includes/conf.php’, if it was already created.
    • To get to the install page, just visit the main Kora directory in your browser. It will automatically redirect you to the install page.
    • A couple install tips:
      • System Admin Password will be the admin password for your Kora installation, not your actual sys admin password (user by default is ‘koraadmin’).
      • The email you set will be the email that all generated emails in Kora get sent from, as well as the email a password reset will be sent to if you lose the koraadmin password

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


    Jolene Smith

    Thank you! I think there’s something basic I’m not understanding about the virtual environment, so I’m reading all those docs now (I’m a beginner at most of this stuff now). When I navigate to those PHP files in browser, it just downloads the files again. Ah, well. Still forging ahead and expecting my breakthrough shortly. Thanks again for your help! It will all fall into place soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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