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MacArthur – Mid. Kingdom Teti Pyramid Cemetery

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    Eric Kansa

    Very feasible and really interesting!

    I’d say one of the key long term values would be to define typologies and relate these to controlled vocabularies available from the Getty ( and the British Museum ( Sadly the British Museum link sometimes fails, and you may want to talk to Dan Pett about getting a dump of relevant terms for Egyptian archaeology.

    Besides referencing how your typology may related to the British Museum and Getty classifications, it would be great to also think about ways to document different types in your typology with some text, images, etc. Then other researchers would be able to understand them. While it may take some time for other researchers to publish relevant data, at least when they do, your material would be an excellent source to reference.



    Catherine Foley

    Your “Middle Kingdom of the Teti Pyramid Cemetery” project sounds great. I have a few questions about your data and how you plan to structure it.

    From your project overview, it seems like you will be extracting data from archival reports for 56 graves from the Teti Pyramid at Saqqara. You will structure the extracted data into groups of interrelated categories tied to the grave, burials, and human remains.

    Most of my questions relate to the data itself. What kind of data are you extracting and putting into your data set? How is the data in the grave, burials, and human remains categories related, i.e. how are you planning to structure and connect your data?

    I am unfamiliar with the burial practices of this site. Further my terminology may be off… But I imagine that for each grave there could be one or more burials that took place with one or more bodies. At each level of this hierarchy, there are likely artifacts and material culture tied to the burial rituals or to the human remains in the graves. Have you been representing these relationships in the data and groups of data? How do you make the connections?

    A second data question relates to the types of materials you envision for your project.

    • Will the digital appendices only be extracted data from the reports?
    • Are you scanning any materials from these reports to accompany or illustrate the data? For examples, are there maps of the graves or images of material culture you intend to include in the project?

    If your project is primarily focused on structured data, I am not sure the KORA WordPress plugin will be the best way to publish or provide access to your data. I will have to think about this a bit more after I better understand what types of materials you plan to include in your project.


    Sebastian Heath


    Reading your proposal and then the questions above, I agree that an important question is the tool/environment you’re using for original data collection and then the process by which you make that available online. Have you begun working with KORA and WordPress? If yes, how is that going? Any my apologies if I’ve missed a posting elsewhere.

    Like Catharine, I’m intrigued by what will be the right setup for a project like yours. It’s a little different than the projects that can use bootleaf, which seems to be gaining traction for the map based work.

    So this is basically just a quick query on how things are going.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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