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Welcome to the World's Fair

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    Hi Mary,

    I love the idea of a dual-language site. There are many wordpress plugins that allow for that, but the ones I’m familiar with rely on latin alphabets. Who knows, there might be a plugin expressly meant for dual english/japanese sites. Working in Canada, I know that the instant a site has to be in two languages, costs & complexity shoot right up. Might be a good idea to get the language/translation pinned down as soon as possible.

    Other thoughts, regarding this:

    > Users will interact with the material through a map of the world fair, which will lead to multi-layered pages for history, archaeology, and the artifact repository. Tools used will be CartoDB, Leaflet, Geo-Json, HTML/CSS/PHP coding respectively, Kora or Open Context, RDF, and possible various resources for 3D modeling from my institutio

    What if you concentrated on telling the story first, maybe with something like Neatline ( with a curated selection of the archaeological materials? Are there 3d models of the artefacts? These can be embedded in neatline, but perhaps a separate gallery for those…

    Anyway, given the public interest in the site, maybe focus on telling a really good story via your map (is a map the best organizing logic for the story you want to tell? I could imagine a you-are-there story in Twine illustrated with the archaeology, with sound etc, that relies on the reader/user/player’s imagination to colour in the sketchy parts.)


    Mary E. Lennon

    Hi @shawn!

    Thanks for the feedback! I found some early leads to the dual language thing: Neatline sounds really cool as well, I looked at the Demos :). I think you are right, that is probably a really good way to go.

    Do you think there is time, to start working with unique identifiers with some of the artifacts? I was really interested in Dan’s talk with the with the URI’s and general linked open data. As I am just learning to do a lot of this stuff I don’t want to give myself too much feature creep.



    Colleen Morgan

    Hi Mary,

    I don’t have a substantial amount to add to Shawn’s excellent advice except to reinforce the difficulty (but greatness!) of dual-language websites. Adding translations of our materials in Arabic is consistently one of the hardest things in my workflow.

    I have a few Japanese archaeologists who are colleagues who may be interested in this project–I would love to share it with them when you get a prototype up and working. Interesting that this fair was only 20 years or so after the Perry incursion into Japan.

    Looking forward to seeing this project progress!


    Daniel Pett

    Hi Mary,
    Sorry for not replying sooner. An ambitious project you have here. I really look forward to seeing what you build.

    You may be able to use a different CMS such as Wagtail CMS to service your multilingual needs or build a bespoke service off an api system such as Contentful (you could use the free version for iterating this project) which we’ve used for some BM projects – see for an example of a different locale of visit. WordPress and other lightweight CMs could be used such as textpattern.

    Great suggestions from Shawn as ever, neatline with embedded assets would be ace. Perhaps iterate towards LOD at the end of your project, don’t go full on or you won’t achieve what you want.



    Mary E. Lennon

    Hi All!

    I know this is extremely bad form, please excuse my delay. There have been some big life changes a-foot. My husband and I received news and are scrambling on a number of fronts. We are moving to the UK, for certain, the last week in May/first week in June. I will be dedicated to my project and will have a lot of time to work on it there and here but life got away from me. Dan- thank you so much for the thoughtful comments! I will be in touch, ASAP with an update and much more to say. We need to contact the client to let them know my change in status and make sure that doesn’t change the game for them. Ahh!

    Have a wonderful day!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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