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    • State: Alaska
      Application: Alaska Heritage Resources Survey (AHRS)
      Launch Date: (online = ~2005)
      Description: the AHRS is a custom-built system using Oracle databases and a custom-coded Open Layers 2 mapper. We (myself, two full time staff, one part-time student intern) are hard at work entering current site data and locations, scanning in recently received reports (as pdf’s attached to records) and working on incorporating our legacy data into the AHRS. I am also responsible, with the help of a state programmer, for developing the system to better serve both our office needs and AHRS user needs. Our application is not available to the public, but we don’t charge for access if the appropriate forms and/or supporting documentation (resume, degree, etc.) is provided with an access request. Right now, we have over 350 active users. Funding comes from the HPF grant and individual RSA’s with state and federal agencies.

    • One other thing. My position is part of a multi-state organization funded by the Bureau of Land Management called the Cultural Resources Data Partnership. It’s purpose has been to help develop cultural resources databases in states throughout the West where the BLM has a presence. The relevant part here is that we do have opportunities to interact with contemporaries in other SHPO offices and at least see and discuss how our states have tackled similar problems. Hopefully, this forum or others like it can also be a sounding board to compare and contrast our solutions and gather ideas about where to go next.

      • Thanks for joining and for the info! It’s really interesting to see the differences between states with a high proportion of Federal land control vs. those with smaller amounts of Fed land.