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    Heather McKillop

    Thanks Dan for the Pyhon convertor. I will check that out.
    Re: WordPress: warnings about security noted!
    I am going to ask for a cultural heritage free upgrade on sketchfab and start uploading. Alice: glad you also are doing 3D scans and using Sketchfab.


    Heather McKillop

    Hi Dan and Sebastian: Thank you both for advising me on the Underwater Maya digital archaeology project! Nice to meet you Sebastian. I appreciate both of your comments, which are timely.
    Dan: You are correct about the content not being a problem for the project. What I am focusing on is the infrastructure! Sebastian: Your comments about dealing with my current GIS and converting data to Cartodb are timely.

    Issue 1: convering UTM coordinate data to long/lat

    I have an excel spreadsheet of UTM coordinates of building posts (and artifacts, etc) that I use in my existing GIS (Geomedia by Intergraph/Hexagon).
    For the DAI Underwater Maya project, I am moving to open source, currently trying Cartodb, which I am liking. I am working on a test case of site 35, which is a small dataset with a nice rectangular building (outlined by posts). I converted UTM to long/lat using a web convertor “Engineering Toolbox” and the building outline looks good. I don’t know how to evaluate whether this is a good convertor.

    I found and used another web convertor and got slightly different long/lat results (decimal place diffs). That web site is . I haven’t mapped the data.
    Issue 2: Adding my 3D digital artifact scans: The digital records are now in good order, stored on an external hard drive, as well as remote storage. I am heartened that the British Museum trusts Sketchfab, which I like but to which I have not yet uploaded files. I think that’s a good option for my project, at least initially. I have also uploaded an stl image using Autodesk 360 to my “DIVA Lab” facebook page. I accessed it on someone else’s computer (who hasn’t installed Autodesk 360) and it worked fine. I tried it on my cell phone and it was AWKWARD so I gave up. Generally I have issues viewing my 3D files since they are stl or other file formats that have to be opened in special software. I have tried some free software “GOM” that allows me to view the files and manipulate the digital object.

    issue 3: WordPress.
    Thanks for your thoughts Sebastian! Instead of using the wordpress page on our dept web page, my plan was to install wordpress on my own web page, so I have control. I’m kind of leaving that part until later when I get the GIS working!

    Any suggestions on the conversion from UTM to long/lat?
    Classes don’t start until next Tuesday for me, so I have time to work on this!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)